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Since 1985 our experience in working with organisations to deliver high performing teams makes us a uniquely qualified advisor to the Learning and Development industry.

TMS is the trusted choice, the only choice, for many of the world’s leading organisations. We make clients for life. They come to us for our comprehensive learning and development experience, and they stay with us as they believe in our ability to deliver results.

With operations across AsiaPac, The Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, we adopt a best-fit approach to our clients’ Learning & Development needs, matching the in-depth knowledge of our L&D team with the unique requirements of each client.

The experience and knowledge of our people is supported by our proven systems and accreditations. We are endorsed by the British Psychological Society, have been translated into 20 languages, have over 20,000 accredited practitioners globally, have processed over 2 million Profiles and have distributors in over 10 countries.

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Our Workshops

  • Team Management Profile Accreditation

    The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile (TMP) provides the knowledge required to improve work performance at an individual, team and organisational level. Individuals learn about the eight critical Types of Work they need to perform to be effective in any job.

  • Risk and Values ProfilesAccreditation

    This is an accelerated learning programme that provides you with a complete toolkit to run effective workshops incorporating multiple insights on risk and values in the workplace. Includes accreditation in the Opportunities & Obstacles Profile and Window on Work Values Profile.

  • Linking Leader Profile Accreditation

    Our Linking Leader Profile helps measure the current performance of your leaders, helping you to build a complete picture of performance at work.

Our Clients

Over 2 million people from 190 countries

Boehringer Ingelheim
Johnson & Johnson
Ergon Energy
Origin Energy
Commonwealth Bank

Our Testimonials


“The feedback from my leadership team was very positive. Thanks to TMS for a very professional and stimulating workshop!”

Rosemary Wealthy, Manager
Leadership Development People & Organsiation
Ericsson Australia


“We have found the TMP invaluable for increasing the effectiveness of our work teams. We have used the TMP with over 500 employees, and now TMS terminology is part of our vocabulary when we set up a new project team.”

Kevin Nash, Director
Employee Development
Boehringer Ingleheim Pharmaceuticals Inc


 “The TMS Accreditation workshop was invaluable. I felt very confident with the content and the presentation.”

Fiona Touhy
Associate Human Resource Manager
Johnson & Johnson Medical

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