The Team Management Systems (TMS) Hub is your hands-on, real-time online activity centre. The TMS Hub enables you to design and deliver long-term development programs for your clients and teams beyond the facilitation of the Profile.

The Hub applications interact with an individual’s personal Profile results, and the feedback and expert tips are customised, making each experience unique. Learners have access to individually tailored activities, instant feedback on work priorities and performance, and global trends.

Reimagine your facilitation and consulting programmes as the TMS L&D Team work with you to understand and leverage the incredible applications within the TMS Hub. The team hosts regular ‘Hub Meet-Ups’ in Capital Cities, Monthly Masterclass Webinars and a comprehensive suite of support materials.

Hub Applications are available for the Team Management Profile (TMP), Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2)and Window on Work Values Profile (WoWV).

What does the TMS Hub offer?
  • A strong advantage over other Profiling tools with the TMP Hub enabling you to demonstrate to key decision makers WHY, HOW & WHAT you will be delivering over the longer term for sustainable results and demonstrable ROI.
  • Agility to tailor which Applications your teams work with to support specific programmes and the ability to modify as different challenges appear.
  • With up to 19 Applications to choose from, the TMS Hub enables you to engage at all levels across a multitude of challenges.
  • Ongoing support and training with TMS Network Services and L&D Team.
  • Access to Monthly Masterclass Webinars, Meet-Ups and Training Tools.
  • Unlimited online access for 3 years, 24/7 and your own unique website.
  • Respondents receive expert tips personalised against their unique TMP Results in real-time.
  • A full interactive experience with online simulations, detailed insights with instant feedback and exclusive access to TMS videos and e-books.

TMPsmallClick here to view the TMP Applications.

WOWVsmallClick here to view the WoWV Applications.

qo2_60wClick here to view the Opportunities-Obstacles Applications.