Everybody loves a Real Story

My very first childhood memory of storytelling was around 4 years of age. My beautiful Nanna was the storyteller in this instance and I was in awe of her ability to make me laugh and inspire me with special stories about family and kindness. To this day I can still feel the comfort of her lap, her loving nanna arms wrapped around me, and the smell of her 4711 perfume (the scent of the era).

Nurturing the Learning Environment

I think most of us can relate to a time when we have been sitting in a course trying our best to stay awake. Not because of a late night or being up with the little people in the house-hold but because the facilitator or learning environment did not tick the boxes for you! We all have different motivators when learning and our own expectations of the courses we attend. Your learners will too.

How to help leaders navigate change and uncertainty

We recently ran a series of events around Australia on the topic Unlock Resilience: Building Strength from Within. At these sessions, Jenni Walke, our Sales Manager, discussed how: flexible thinking; drive; optimism; and; our professional networks, all impact our level of resilience and how we respond in times of uncertainty.  (Also see Unlock Resilience). The…