Facilitate TMS Programmes: LIKE A BOSS


Set yourself up for success in 2018 with ridiculously effective tactics to Facilitate TMS Programmes Like A Boss!

Take your TMS programmes from Good to Great with top strategies you can incorporate into your workshops immediately. We know it can be hard to keep stay on top of your own professional development, so we invite you to steal our best tips and techniques!

Amp Up Team Performance: LIKE A BOSS

Tuesday, May 8th 2018   11:00am – 11:30am  AEST

In this session we’ll share 3 simple steps to extend your team development programs and sustain long-term success. Equip your teams with a road-map to success using our High Energy Teams model and Team Signals Application.

Hosted by TMS Senior L&D Specialist, Clio Robertson, this session will be crammed with:

• 3 immediately actionable tips
• 1 practical resource to implement straightaway

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